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Become a Certified Medical Coder/Auditor: CMCA-HCC

Medical Coding Auditors utilize ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS and other coding rules and references and apply knowledge of disease states, procedures, diagnostics and pharmacology to the practitioner documentation to ensure accurate coding and therefore, billing. 

Medical Coding Auditors often need to communicate problems and discrepancies to the practitioners most commonly through appropriate queries.

Medical Coders are Professionals

"It is well recognized that medical coders are professionals. What has not been recognized is that the specialists who audit medical coding who interact with other professionals in documentation and coding improvement processes and are required to have skill sets beyond those necessary for traditional medical coding."


In Recognition - Now a Certification

"In recognition of the expanded requirements, this membership organization was created. It is logical and appropriate to have a separate certification for medical coding auditors."
Todd M. Husty, D.O., Managing Director AACMCA

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