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About Us

Our Founders

Many of the founders and board members of AACMCA have been involved in documentation, coding, and auditing for as long as there have been medical coders. We have some of the true experts in medical coding and auditing.

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of AACMCA as a member association is to improve the management and coordination of health information with advanced coder auditing and coding processes to benefit administrators, patients, and providers through education and continuing education. Its mission is to reduce risks and advance professional practices and standards by coding and coder auditing procedures in both inpatient and outpatient care.

AACMCA is a not for profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida.

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The Need for Certification

Become a Superior Member Obtain Certification

Our first sub-specialty coder/auditor designation CMCA-HCC is the newest area of medical reimbursement, Hierarchical Condition Categories or HCCs.

Providing Training & Retraining

AACMCA provides quality review of the MARSI/AHIMA course and the expert continuing education that they provide.

AACMCA Advocates for Your Profession

AACMCA actively monitors, responds, and participates in industry initiatives to increase the awareness of just how specialized your profession has become.