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Education & Certification

AACMCA Serves the Sub-specialty of Medical Coding/Auditors.

Previously there has been no group that represents the sub-specialty of medical coding/auditors.

Risk Adjustment/HCC Coder/Auditor Certification is the newest area and the first of several certifications to come.
We have aligned ourselves with the very thorough and rigorous online course developed by Medical Audit Resource Services Inc., (MARSI).

Presented by both MARSI and the American Health Information Management Association AHIMA.

It is obvious to us that an individual who is a very good coder still does not know enough to be a very good auditor. It takes greater training and experience. It takes a greater depth of knowledge, just like in other areas in medicine, some sub-specialties have developed.
Take the first step to earning your CMCA-HCC specialty certification by taking the Coder/Auditor course then become a Superior AACMCA member.

 Successfully passing the Risk Adjustment/HCC Coder/Auditor Course is the most common pathway for becoming a superior member of AACMCA. 

If you have not taken the course

Click Here to Learn More at or Register for the Course Directly at

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The Need for Certification

Become a Superior Member Obtain a Certification

Our first sub-specialty coder/auditor designation CMCA-HCC is the newest area of medical reimbursement, Hierarchical Condition Categories or HCCs.

Providing Training & Retraining

AACMCA provides quality review of the MARSI/AHIMA course and the expert continuing education that they provide.

AACMCA Advocates for Your Profession

AACMCA actively monitors, responds, and participates in industry initiatives to increase the awareness of just how specialized your profession has become.