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  • There are multiple levels of membership, the two most common memberships are a superior member or active member.

  • Option 1Superior membership $50.00 the most common membership - certification is awarded for two years.  If you have passed MARSI/AHIMA course and are requesting certification choose this membership type. 
  • Superior membership is reserved for those who have passed more specific requirements and imparts voting rights. The specific requirements, for example, in Risk Adjustment/HCC's would be to pass the MARSI/AHIMA coder/auditor course. Becoming a superior member also imparts certification in that sub-specialty, for example, CMCA-HCC for those that have passed the coder/auditor course.  There are specific continuing education requirements to maintain Superior Membership of 15 hours per year of approved CEUs.  The cost of a superior membership is $50.00 for a period of 12 months.  Please complete the form below for superior membership.
  • Option 2Active Membership $20.00 - certification is not awarded.  Choose this membership type if you are planning to take the course and become certified, Click here for more information or become an active member today.

If you have passed the MARSI/AHIMA Risk Adjustment Course please complete the form below to become a Superior Member today.

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